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Seminar Physics Beyond the Standard Model 2010

This is a student seminar by Prof. Hiller.

In the seminar we discuss recent developments in theoretical particle physics beyond the standard model.

  • Time: Thursday, 14:00 (c.t.)
  • Room: P1-01-306
  • Prerequisite: Einführung in die Elementarteilchentheorie


Date Title Speaker
21.10.2010 canceled Initial meeting Prof. Hiller
28.10.2010 SM: CCFM und uPDFs Henning Sedello
04.11.2010 Can the Anthropic Principle "solve" the Gauge Hierarchy Problem? Stefan Schacht
18.11.2010 tba Danny van Dyk
25.11.2010 TeV Black Holes Maximilian Demmel
09.12.2010 Magnetic Monopoles Jan Schröder
03.02.2011 Phenomenological consequences of sterile neutrinos in extra dimensions Markus Supsar

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Dr. Henning Sedello