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Journal Club 2010

We meet Wednesdays at 16:00 in Room P1-02-323 where we discuss recent papers in particle physics.
Date Title Paper Speaker
Upcoming Sessions
21.07.2010 Composite See-saw Mechanism Phys. Rev. D 43, 3011–3025 (1991) Emmanuel A. Paschos
Previous Sessions
14.07.2010 A Consistent Dark Matter Interpretation For CoGeNT and DAMA/LIBRA arxiv:1007.1005 [hep-ph] Sophia Borowka
26.05.2010 Bounds on R-Parity violating couplings at the grand unification scale from neutrino masses  arxiv:1005.3309 [hep-ph] Jong Soo Kim
26.05.2010 Measuring Bs Width Difference at the Upsilon(5s) Using Quantum Entanglement  arxiv:0910.0260 [hep-ph] Danny van Dyk
12.05.2010 Spinors: Why and How? W.L.Blade, H.Jehle: "An introduction to spinors" (Rev.Mod.Phys., Vol. 25, Nr.3. (1953)), arxiv:1001.1778v1 Dirk Fischer
05.05.2010 Simultaneous Extraction of the Fermi constant and PMNS matrix elements in the presence of a fourth generation arxiv:1003.4532 Alexander Lenz
28.04.2010 Black Holes and Sub-millimeter Dimensions arxiv:hep-th/9808138 Markus Supsar
21.04.2010 Nucleosynthesis without a computer arxiv:astro-ph/0303073 Sophia Borowka

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Dr. Jong Soo Kim